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We have a very attractive and spacious college building. Besides the lecture halls, there are 24 separate guidance rooms
There is a peaceful and pollution free environment surrounding our college, which is very good and favorable for education.

Our central library:- Is enriched with sufficient reading & reference books all types of encyclopedias, periodical, Educational Magazines and various quarterly journals. It has also a separate audio-visual room.



Psychology Lab:- Well equipped laboratory is established with apparatus for the psychology experiments.It has various test and inventories for B.Ed

Computer Lab:-
Computer education is a compulsory subject of new B.Ed. course. We are using our own lab which has 45 computers , lan & Brodband conection of internet for computer training for computer training of B.Ed., students. All the staff of the college has completed D.I.T. & advanced course of Intel Master Trainer�s course. Thus all the staff is specially trained for teaching Information & Communication Technology.

Science Lab:-
Science lab is well equipped with all the apparatus required for the experiments for B.Edcource of our college.

Education technology Lab:-
The Education Technology Laboratory has teaching aids related to educational technology such as: - Color TV, Video Camera, OHP, Slide Projector, Epidiascope, 16 tape recorders, etc.

Seminar Hall:-
The Seminar hall has a seating capaciy of 50 and is used for conferenses,workshops & Seminars.

Cultural Hall:-
A number of cultural activities are conducted through out the year in the Vivekanand Sabhagruha which accomodates almost 500 people at a time.

Health Facilities:-
We have a big playground with the gymnasium facility for boys as well as for girls, the students are encouraged for maximum use of Gymnasium and Sports facilities.

Usable area of the building(s) in sq. ft. : sq.ft) :

Following specific details of accommodation may be furnished :

Types Number of Room Area in Sq.Ft.
1st Year B.Ed. Class Room
BEd Class Room(Div A) 01 1033.33 sq.ft(117.57sq.m)
BEd Class Room (Div B) 01 1033.33 sq.ft(117.57sq.m)
BEd Class Room (Div C) 01 1033.33 sq.ft(117.57sq.m)
2nd Year B.Ed. Class Room
BEd Class Room(Div A) 01 1033.33 sq.ft(117.57sq.m)
BEd Class Room (Div B) 01 1033.33 sq.ft(117.57sq.m)
BEd Class Room (Div C) 01 1233.33 sq.ft(119.57sq.m)
Principal Room 01 236.80sq.ft (22.4 sq.m)
Staff Room 01 1033.33 sq.ft(117.57sq.m)
Guidance Room 06 123 sq.ft (11.42 sq.m)
Guidance Room 18 88 sq.ft (8.17 sq.m)
College Library 01 1281.33sq.ft(119.04 sq .m)
Student Reading Hall 01 2500sq.ft(232.25sq.m)
Learning Resource Center 01 Common use in central Library
Office Room 01 1033.33sq.ft(96 sq.m)
Store Room 01 236.80sq.ft (2131.2sq.m)
Computer Lab 01 1033.33sq.ft(96 sq.m)
Science Lab 01 1233.33 sq.ft(119.57sq.m)
Language Lab 01 704 sq.ft (65.42 sq.m)
Psychology Lab 01 1356.75sq.ft (150.00 sq.m)
Education Technology lab 01 860.00sq.ft(96.00sq.m)
Examination Room 01 95.00sq.ft(8.82sq.m)
Multipurpose Hall 01 4485.00sq.ft (416.67 sq.m)
Seminar Hall 01 1033.33 sq.ft(117.57sq.m)
Gent�s Common Room 01 1033.33 sq.ft(117.57sq.m)
Girl�s Common Room 01 1033.33 sq.ft(117.57sq.m)
Boy�s Gymnasium 01 Common
Girl�s Gymnasium 01 Common
Sport Room 01 95.00sq.ft(8.82sq.m)
Guest Room 01 95.00sq.ft(8.82sq.m)
Pantry 01 95.00sq.ft(8.82sq.m)
Vidyarthi Suvidha Kendra 01 95.00sq.ft(8.82sq.m)